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> "The SPL disputes that Rangers FC ceased to be a Club on 14 June 2012, and argues that the relevant date is 3 August 2012" (Rangers lawyers to Scottish Premier League Commission)

> “140 years of history is formally ended” (The Herald)

> "As a result of appalling mismanagement, Rangers fans “no longer boast an unbroken line to the past...The emotional ties will remain forever but historical strings are severed. ” (Daily Record)

> (on liquidation) "the shell that it used to operate from – and I understand the history of it – would be the thing that disappears." (Paul Clark, Duff/Phelps)

> ”The Rangers Football Club PLC is a public limited company registered in Scotland (company number: SC004276) and was incorporated on 27 May, 1899. When the current company is officially liquidated, all of its corporate business history will come to an end. When this happened to Airdrieonians in 2002, all of the trophies, titles and records associated with the club were discontinued and a new club, Airdrie United FC, took over. Airdrieonians' official history ended in 2002, then Airdrie United's took over.” (BBC)

Charles Green: (speaking about Dave King) "...for a man who is the second largest shareholder in the go out publicly and recommend that the creditors vote down the CVA it seems to me quite unbelievable because what we're doing in that is saying the history, the tradition, everything that is great about this Club, is swept aside. Why??!"

(thanks to Stephen Gallagher)



Corrections are needed from almost every media outlet in the land...

19/02/12 - THE OBSERVER  - “The current worst-case scenario has Rangers being liquidated and a new club rising from the ashes but being made to start anew from the fourth tier of Scottish football.” (Kevin McKenna)

21/02/12 - EVENING TIMES - “Rangers will exit either through an agreement with their creditors – a Company Voluntary Arrangement – or by liquidation. The latter represents a break with 140 years of history” (Richard Wilson)

02/03/12 - THE SUN - “It’s more than two weeks since owner Craig Whyte plunged Rangers into administration — putting 140 years of history and tradition at risk” (Andy Devlin)

04/03/12 - DAILY RECORD - “Last night Group 9 Sports released a statement on their website indicating that, if successful, they’d aim to emerge from administration by setting up Rangers as a new company.  Kennedy will not stand back and allow the club’s 140 years of history to be wiped out. And he insisted any such move could put Rangers out of existence completely.” (Keith Jackson)

05/03/12 - STV - “Administrators Duff and Phelps raised the possibility over the weekend of the current club being liquidated, meaning a new club could be formed to inherit Rangers’ assets

06/03/12 - EVENING TIMES - "Administrators Duff and Phelps raised the possibility at the weekend of the current club being liquidated, meaning a new club could be formed to inherit Rangers' assets." (Ian Black)

31/03/12 - DAILY TELEGRAPH - "the shell that it used to operate from – and I understand the history of it – would be the thing that disappears." (Paul Clark, Joint Administrator)

Ally McCoist will accept the end of 140 years of unbroken existence for Rangers, providing a new version of one of the world’s most famous clubs emerges in strength." (Roddy Forsyth)

03/04/12 - SKY SPORTS - “"Liquidation is no good for Rangers. It will end 140 years of history.” (Craig Whyte),27290,11095_7647561,00.html

03/04/12 - SKY SPORTS - “The Blue Knights hope to avoid liquidation, which would leave any new club arising from the current club's carcass facing a three-year ban from European football and open to further domestic sanctions even if they retain Scottish Premier League status”,29329,11095_7648664,00.html

13/04/12 DAILY RECORD - “Some Rangers fans believe the club's history, which would end with liquidation, must be protected but there is a shameful part of that history which they should want to forget and any newco should make it clear a new beginning means exactly that.  A new club open to all from the very beginning.” (Jim Traynor)

30/04/12 DAILY RECORD - “A new club would be banned from Europe for three years and the Scottish Premier League clubs are meeting today to discuss points and financial penalties for such a club”.

02/05/12 - DAILY EXPRESS - “BRIAN KENNEDY and his Blue Knights have gone on the offensive and claimed their crusade to save Rangers is the only one on the table that will guarantee to safeguard 140 years of history AND AVOID LIQUIDATION.” (Scott Burns)

03/05/12 - STV - “On an ongoing basis the [old] company that continues to be in administration will be cleansed of all its former problems and will at a later date be reunited, after a CVA, with the new club Mr Miller is going to create.” (Paul Clark, Joint Administrator)

29/05/12 - THE SUN - “Without Rangers the league would be knackered. I know a lot of supporters are saying they should be liquidated and come back as a new club in division three.” (Stuart McCall)

31/05/12 - THE SUN - “Charles Green attended the SPL meeting and has a £5.5m deal in place to form a new club should the CVA fail.” (David Friel)

12/06/12 - THE GUARDIAN - “The liquidator overseeing the current club's extinction”...“Whether Rangers, as a new club formed by Green, are accepted into the SPL, and on what terms, is to be determined by the clubs.” (David Conn)

12/06/12 - DAILY TELEGRAPH - “Rangers in crisis: the final whistle sounds on Rangers’ 140 years of history

13/06/12 - DAILY RECORD - “THE formation of Rangers in March 1872 was a walk in the park – its death in June 2012 a shambolic slide into the abyss...However, as a result of appalling mismanagement they no longer boast an unbroken line to the past. The emotional ties will remain for ever but historical strings are severed. In time, they may weave a new history that might start with the Third Division title in 2013.” (Gary Ralston)

13/06/12 - THE SUN - “The really sickening thing about all of this is it was avoidable. All it would have taken for that was for someone to be honest. Pay your dues, give the tax man what he is owed.  Instead Rangers have died.” (Richard Gough)

13/06/12 - DAILY RECORD - “They’ll slip into liquidation within the next couple of weeks with a new company emerging but 140 years of history, triumph and tears, will have ended.  No matter how Charles Green attempts to dress it up, a newco equals a new club. When the CVA was thrown out Rangers as we know them died.  They were closed and a newco must start from scratch.” (Jim Traynor)

13/06/12 - DAILY RECORD - “the reality is that in technical terms, the doors are closed on the history of Rangers...There will be plenty of pedants who feel the old Rangers are now gone, and technically they are right.” (Kevin Drinkell)

13/06/12 - DAILY RECORD - “Green is poised to push ahead with a £5.5million deal to buy the club's assets and form a new club, which would need to apply for membership of the Scottish Premier League and be excluded from Europe for three years.”

13/06/12 - THE SUN - “I wanted to be able to confirm that, yes, their derbies really WERE the greatest game on earth, rather than tell the truth that they were bile-flecked re-enactments of centuries-old religious wars. It’s a cause of genuine sadness that this has never come to pass, so maybe that’s one of the things new owner Charles Green could look at as he rebuilds a new club from the rubble of liquidation” (Bill Leckie)

14/06/12 - BBC NEWS - “Charles Green has completed his purchase of Rangers' ASSETS in a deal worth £5.5m.”

15/06/12 - THE HERALD - “Air of unreality as 140 years of history is formally ended in less than nine minutes...The Rangers creditors drifted in through Exit 50 at Ibrox Stadium just before 10am and by 10.09am they were on their way out. In those few minutes 140 years of history had been rubbed out”. (Teddy Jamieson and Richard Wilson)

15/06/12 - DAILY RECORD - “PFA Scotland insist Rangers players are not obliged to join Charles Green’s new club under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations (TUPE), which ensure all employees are given the chance to join the new company under the same terms.” (Greig Thomas)

17/06/12 - THE SUN - “Union reps at PFA Scotland believe the new club has no hold over anyone who doesn’t want their contract to transfer across from the now defunct Rangers.” (Robert Grieve)

19/06/12 - BBC NEWS - “"Sevco 5088 would not be able to apply to change its name to 'The Rangers Football Club Ltd' until either the original company is fully dissolved, a process which can take about a year to complete, or the receivers give the go-ahead for the name change to take place.”

19/06/12 - BBC NEWS - “We wish the new Rangers Football Club every good fortune” (Walter Smith)

23/06/12 - DAILY RECORD - “And I believe concern over the new club's finances has prompted Brian Kennedy to make a £5.6million bid for a controlling interest.” (Jim Traynor)

24/06/12 - THE SCOTSMAN - "Publicly, the SFL will be required to do their dirty work in co-opting a new member, a new club – as Charles Green’s Sevco consortium-cum-company that currently can’t even register a football name or football players should eventually become – and placing them in the highest, instead of lowest, tier in their set-up"

24/06/12 - DAILY RECORD - “The uncertainty surrounding the new club, especially in terms of what league they’re going to play in, has been a major factor in my decision (to leave) ...I have concerns about who is in charge of the new club...Will I ever come back and support the new club? I haven’t thought about it.” (Steven Naismith)

26/06/12 - SKY SPORTS - “With the new club unlikely to gain enough votes to allow them entry into the SPL by fellow clubs at the League's AGM on July 4 uncertainty over their future is growing amongst players.”,,19494_7843070,00.html

01/07/12 - THE OBSERVER - “Of course a new club will rise from the ashes of Rangers FC.” (Kevin McKenna)

04/07/12 - BBC - “Rangers will not play in the Scottish Premier League this season.  SPL chairmen met at Hampden to vote on the new club's application to replace the old Rangers in the top flight.”

04/07/12 - THE SUN - “It was also revealed the new club had been preparing to apply to the SFL for a couple of weeks and stated the newco Rangers would play in the appropriate division.”

04/07/12 - DAILY RECORD - “We do not consider that the newco’s allegation of breach of contract will stand up to scrutiny and in the event of the players’ registrations not being issued to a new club, we’ll look to FIFA and/or the Court of Session for a speedy remedy.” (PFA Scotland lawyer)

13/07/12 - BBC - “Rangers chief executive Charles Green says he will not challenge the vote by the Scottish Football League to place his new club in Division Three.”

14/07/12 - BBC - “Another unknown is how the footballing authorities - SFA and Uefa - would react to any new club while the old club still had outstanding debts to footballing creditors (other teams) totalling more than £3m.  Mr Green's ambitions for a new club may also be thwarted if liquidators from BDO decide to challenge the asset sale.”

15/07/12 - DAILY RECORD - “Green bought Rangers and their assets yesterday for £5.5million, just hours after Smith revealed he was spearheading a group to buy the new club." (Jim Traynor)

17/07/12 - EVENING TIMES - “I would like the clubs and UEFA to recognise these are not my debts”

17/07/12 - BBC - "the fresh dispute comes in the middle of negotiations with the Scottish Football Association for a membership that would allow the new club to start life in Division Three." (Chris McLaughlin)
(thanks to Sam Keenan for link)

18/07/12 - THE SUN - “Sevco are still waiting to hear if the new club have been granted SFA membership ahead of their entry into the Third Division.” (Paul Hughes)

19/07/12 - THE SUN - “And IF they are allowed to enter the top division an independent commission will decide if it’s the old club or the new club that has a case to answer over EBTs.” (Paul Hughes and Robert McAulay)

19/07/12 - MARKETING WEEK - “Coca-Cola, which signed a two-year deal with its sport drink Powerade to be the 54 times SPL champions official soft drink in December, says it will continue its relationship with “Rangers FC” but declined to comment on its future with the new club.”

20/07/12 - EVENING TIMES - "any deal cannot be finalised until the Scottish FA grants membership to the new club" (Darrell King)

22/07/12 - DAILY TELEGRAPH - “No other completely new club would have been allowed to enter the bottom tier.  It is also true that no other new club would have been even considered for membership of the SPL.” (Ewing Grahame)

22/07/12 - THE SUN - “Hearts chief Vladimir Romanov led the attack by insisting Jambos WON’T vote for them. Dundee United followed suit last night while Motherwell revealed that they will let their FANS decide the fate of the new club — a move that will almost certainly mean a third ‘NO’ vote.” (Paul Hughes)

24/07/12 - DAILY RECORD - “further complicated by the fact the SFA have now given Green a strict deadline that must be met if he wants his new club licenced to play football in any league.” (

29/07/12 - BBC - “Scottish Premier League clubs voted against accepting the new club into the top flight and the Scottish Football League clubs voted them into Division Three instead of the First Division...Asked to expand on what he meant by bigotry, Green turned to pressure placed on SPL clubs by their own fans not to allow the new club into the top flight.”

29/07/12 - THE SUN - “With Rangers, a new club starting a fresh chapter, Nelson is aware the hand of history will be upon every player’s shoulder when kick-off comes.”

29/07/12 - THE SUN - ““Rangers newco should apply to the SFA for admission and apply direct to the SFL in the same way that any other new club would do.” (Stewart Milne)

30/07/12 - DAILY RECORD - “Ibrox fans have sung heartily for years about following their team to places such as Dundee and Hamilton. Unsurprisingly, there was never a verse inserted for Brechin. Yet in this small Angus town at the local-parklike venue they were summoned here to see their new club start a new life.”

31/07/12 - BBC - “Stewart Regan has no plans to resign as Scottish FA chief executive despite criticism of his handling of the crisis resulting from Rangers' demise.  Some club chairmen called for his resignation after voting against the new club playing in Division One.”

31/07/12 - BBC - “And SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster and Scottish FA counterpart Stewart Regan had both warned of dire financial consequences should the new club not start life in Division One.”

03/08/12 ESPN - “A new club, The Rangers Football Club, rose from the depths of despair and competed in its first game July 29 against second-division outfit Brechin City in the Ramsdens Scottish Cup. “

03/08/12 - ESPN - “Charles Green, the chief executive of the new club, admitted as much when comparing his club to some of those he claimed had kept Rangers out of the SPL due to bigotry. He said: "We've not got the debt that any of these clubs have.”

03/08/12 - SKY SPORTS - “Charles Green's company, who changed their name from Sevco Scotland to The Rangers Football Club this week, were granted a conditional licence last Friday after applying to transfer the membership of the soon-to-be-liquidated Rangers.”

03/08/12 - BBC - “Doncaster had come in for criticism following his dire predictions for the financial future of the SPL if the relaunched Rangers were not admitted to the top flight. He repeated the same concerns when the new club sought a place in Division One.”

13/08/12 - CNN - “New club forced to start in Scottish Football League 3”

15/08/12 - STV - “The Ibrox side waived any claim to £2.55m in prize money from the league for the 2011/12 season”

17/08/12 - BBC - “SPL clubs voted against accepting the new club into the top flight and the Scottish Football League clubs voted them into Division Three instead of the First Division.”

21/08/12 - BBC - “It was the first game in the lower league for the new Rangers club

03/09/12 - DAILY RECORD - "McCoist and Green are committed to opposing any move to have history books rewritten even though they accepted they had to begin again as a new concern after Rangers, the club with history, slipped into liquidation and closed. That should mean the titles aren’t really any of their business.  But on the other hand, the SPL refused to hand over £2m, which should have gone to Rangers for finishing second last season, pointing out that the club no longer exists." (Jim Traynor)

01/10/12 - BBC NEWS - "After HMRC rejected proposals for a creditors agreement that would have allowed the old club to continue, Duff and Phelps negotiated a sale of assets to a consortium led by Charles Green for £5.5m."

03/10/12 - ACCOUNTACY AGE - "Following the failure of the CVA the club is now following the Premier League and Football Association structure, where the assets of the 'game', such as player contracts, are transferred to a new club and the old club liquidated. "

11/10/12 - FINANCIAL TIMES - "Sevco bought Rangers’ assets out of administration for £5.5m and then unsuccessfully applied to have the new club remain in Scotland’s Premier League"

17/10/12 - BBC NEWS - "HM Revenue and Customs blocked a CVA (creditors agreement) that would have allowed the old club to continue.  The old club, which remained in administration, has since been known as RFC 2012.

Start Quote

The new club, started by Mr Green's consortium, began life in the Scottish Third Division"

18/10/12 - DAILY RECORD - "(Whyte) also added: “What other country in the world would deal with one of their biggest clubs in the way they have and demote them to the Third Division.”  Wrong again, Craig. Rangers had to go there because they were a new club starting over. (Jim Traynor)

19/10/12 - THE HERALD - "Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte is preparing to claim millions of pounds from the remains of the old club that collapsed earlier this year." (Martin Williams)

20/10/12 - INVESTORS CHRONICLE - "Debt-ridden Rangers Football Club went into administration in February, and Mr Green, leading a consortium of investors (Sevco), bought the trade and assets from the old club's administrators for £5.5m in June. It means that the new club - The Rangers Football Club Limited - is debt-free.

28/10/12 - THE SUN - "
“Ally McCoist, Kenny McDowall, Ian Durrant, Jim Stewart — all fantastic people.  It is still a brilliant club for me, although technically it is now a new club." (TERRY BUTCHER)

31/10/12 - BBC NEWS - "At the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Lord Hodge approved a Duff and Phelps motion to hand over what remains of the old club to liquidators BDO."

26/12/12 - FIFA.COM - "Rangers’ perilous financial position had been an open secret but there was still shock when, after 140 years of history and a world record 54 league titles, the club was consigned to liquidation."

30/01/13 - THE SCOTSMAN - "Rangers, as a new club, are currently only associate members of the SFL and aren’t allowed to vote at meetings until they’ve belonged to the organisation for four years."

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  1. Oh deary deary me, some poor wee soul went to all this trouble to pull together some meaningless quotes and statements.

    Lol, the mind boggles.

  2. How is it meaningless.

  3. This guy is a loon

    He posts on Pie and Bovril under itwasnaeme

    Has a reputation of about -500 and spends all day posting on a club he thinks is dead

    Smell the Irony

    1. Rangers is dead ye fud, defunct, non-existent, out of business, closed, not viable. Sevco is the team you now support with no past or history bar a few games in the Harry Ramsden Cup and 4th tier of Scottish football......

  4. Alot of this was true but not once the transfer of Rangers FC's licence occurred. Now the media refer to Rangers FC as the same club.
    Leeds United, Luton Town, Charlton, Middlesborough, Bournemouth & Rotherham United fell into administration, failed to exit adminsitration via a CVA and consequently sold their business, history & assets to a newco, who have then operated the club. The history part comes when they apply to transfer their football club's licence of their association from the oldco to the newco usually accepting a range of sanctions otherwise they would need to apply as a new club.
    The SFL agrees too

    1. No transfer of a licence occured, Sevco purchased an existing licence from the SFL.

      Leeds were never liquidated, Bates was successful with 2 CVA bids, one which HMRC challenged, resulting in his second bid. The last club in England liquidated was Middlesboro back in the mid 80's.

      It's a fairytale you want to believe in, nothing else. You did apply as a new club. If you had of applying under Rangers 1899 it would have been refused coz ye were smashed!

    2. No, the SFA transferred membership to the newco because only Rangers FC and no ther club could have obtained its unbroken membership.

      Rangers applied to join the SFL, as did Dunfermline after resigning from the SPL, doesn't make them a new club.

      Leeds Utd never exited administration via a CVA as it was blocked by the HMRC.

      Paul McConville sums up the difference between club and company well here.

    3. Sevco applied for the SFL membership, which resulted from Dundee's elevation, Rangers had an SPL membership which Dundee took. History died with the club.

      So Leeds were never liquidated then? Thanks for that. Bates bought the club at the second attempt and HMRC let it go through. CVA or not (I think the league gave them special dispensation, he still had to pay back debts accrued and is still doing so) they were never liquidated as you said to make your argument plausible.

      I think PMcC is being a tad sarcastic and is alerting Greener.

      But you believe what you want and make it up as you go along.

    4. "exceptional circumstances rule", imagine the conspiracies if that had happened with Rangers.

      From Company House

      Status: Liquidation
      Date of Incorporation: 02/10/1920

      Status: Active
      Date of Incorporation: 01/05/2007

      "The Scottish Football League has accepted Rangers as an Associate Member.

      The Scottish Football Association membership of Rangers FC was transferred from The Rangers Football Club PLC to Sevco Scotland Limited (now called The Rangers Football Club Limited) in terms of Article 14 of The Scottish FA's Articles and, therefore, it is entirely appropriate for The Scottish Football League to represent Rangers in the manner detailed on our website."

      But I'm sure you'll just ignore this and "say on message"...

    5. The thing is exceptional circumstances was used with Leeds because they weren't liquidated they were in the process of a CVA. Tell me how then they still got a 15 point penalty deduction in the 1st division??? Provisions in football only exist to transfer a league share from one company to another if 75% creditors are satisfied being paid in full or a diminished amount, which in Leeds case they were. In the case of der hun HMRC were not willing to accept a CVA, hence the beginning of liquidation, hence Sevco, hence changing name to a similar aneurysm of RFC 1899. Hence you lot falling for the tripe that you are still the same club!! The SFA have bent over backwards to accommodate you lot and are as corrupt if not even more so than the club formerly known as Rangers.

    6. If they'd have been in the EPL they would have got voted out to the EFL (like Rangers). They got a 15 point penalty deduction only thanks to this "exceptional circumstances rule". The transfer of league share was too quick as it should not occur unless a company exits from administration, which they never did as it was blocked by HMRC (like Rangers) because Leeds Utd oldco is in liquidation and Leeds Utd newco now operates the club (as proven above).

      The football association membership transfer if different from tranferring the league share, as the former maintains the history, not the latter.

      Even the BBC now makes the distinction between the club and the company.
      "The company that previously ran Rangers entered administration in February..." and "However, after The Rangers Football Club plc could not be saved from liquidation and were relaunched by a new company, the Ibrox club accepted the embargo as a condition of being granted SFA membership".

      But I'm sure you'll just ignore this and "stay on message"...

    7. If thats the case, in your first paragraph, then why don't Sevco have a 15 point deduction or more severe considering the cheating and white collar crime Rangers carried out?

      Funny how even the MSM always reported "New Club" but not "new company". You believe the folly you want, it's what makes the world go around!


  5. Desperate desperate stuff....... Why the panic to run around trying to convince people its a new club.....get a life.

    Or do you hang around churches telling people god doesn't exist, and hang about schools telling kids Santa isn't real......seeing as you are so concerned with spreading the truth (no pun intended with Celtic and school kids). At least those two would be correct I along and find some quotes.

    1. Another sevconian obsessed with sex with children.

      Desperate stuff indeed!

    2. Oh Dear. Another Rangers fan plays the paedo card with relish while conveniently forgetting how his own club murdered it's own fans and then had the brass neck to renege on their duty to provide compensation to the families affected by the club's negligence.

      I do believe the abuser was Church of Scotland and an historic Rangers fan. So, you just live in you delusion if it makes life more tolerable for you.

      Personally, whether Rangers are new or old, it will be the fans of all other teams that choose what to believe.
      I am sure the procurator fiscal will look forward to the increase in workload due to domestic violence when Rangers are involved in top flight football.

  6. Obsessive rubbish... you are a seriously sad case ! Get a life

  7. Another obsessed Pacific Shelf fan....


    Hun FC


    Ex Huns crying themselves to

    Happy Days.


  9. If you are the same club then why did Chuckie Emerald need to BUY the history, oh and pacific shelf? Lmfao

  10. If they bought Rangers history, then they bought everything... including the debt. So stump up, you undignified cretins.

  11. Strange how Sevco fans always use precedents which were set in other countries ? There have been plenty of liquidated clubs from Scotland under the SFA umbrella. Why is their situation not used as precedent ?

    The truth is the SFA will let them continue their history as they are a cash cow and the governing body puts profit before sport but we all know that the old club just couldn't Finnish the race.

  12. huns are no longer

    fuck the zombies

    wembley here we come

  13. Deid basturts!

    That is all......

  14. 140 years... of dead history. Their club DIED.


  16. rest in peace

  17. DODO FC.

  18. They're default insult when skelped is 'wee boys'. Kincora Boys Home Scandal really has been brushed under the carpet.

    They are dead but as time will record they couldn't even afford death's duties; now they're just insignificant zombies polluting everybody elses untainted history.

    1. who is this club you speak of with Untainted history ?

      another Partick Thistle fan IMO

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  20. It means finished, ended, kaput, done, dead and not coming back.

  21. say no to liquidation said the fans, rangers shall never die. no CVA was obtained then rangers died. the end. standfree from cheats at ibrox and the SFA

  22. Still think the club got off lightly for cheating for over 10yrs with ebts and dual contracts which means the players weren’t registered correctly with the sfa and should be stripped of any trophies that was won in this era as other clubs have been thrown out of competitions for playing players not fully registered